Beyond our sense of self, lies the eternal presence. We are born as Creators, shaping and building our reality  through the power of imaginations, thoughts and emotions. Yet, there is an unchanged presence within us, aware, silent and total. Our earthy experience is an opportunity to embrace this totality in full.  Practice and develop the true sense of Self, stand in freedom and move from knowing into being.


We rest deeper into NOW and our activities rise from stillness and acceptance in the face of all outer happening, our inner presence rooted  in pure serenity and consciousness and yet transforms and evolves with every momentary shift of consciousness. This is a forever paradox between visible and invisible reality. 

Creativity is a subtle and magnificent dance of creation, not just between the intuitive and the rational side of self but also between the unknown and the known. This process is a womb of happening and evolution of universe and all beings.

Creative Alchemy  is a spiritual and creative way to awaken the inner muse, reconnect with hidden lover. This work assists awakening, soul ascending and self realization, which is merged and integrated through Serena’s mystical journey as a soul, writer, artist and a woman in search of answers, a sage and seeker from early age of childhood to present. 


Over the years, as the spirit of her creativity widened and also brought alignment in her spiritual life, she began to access and understand the power and flow of Creative Alchemy and how it can collaborate  effortlessly with human/soul journey and  fuel and also illuminate the True Self/Divine Self into manifestation. Serena's offerings and gifts have shaped through many painful personal breakthroughs, professional education and soulful learning and discoveries and still continue in wonder and awe of grateful living in moments.


 **May truth always lighten and inspire your life and heart. **

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