Totality, Skin & Blood of Love

Life is a daring adventure, to fully Embrace the present,  which includes Awakening to Truth, Self-realization and Embodiment as a walk towards a life without a centre, Entering Emptiness and fall and merge in totality of HUMANNESS, SOUL and DIVINE.

Serena is a Mystic poet, artist and visionary, her work is an invite to walk through Fire and Ice, Uncertainty and Faith, based on 20 years dedication to explore Truth and intimacy beyond veil, bare living in Present and Surrender to Life.

Knowing is a gentle breeze from beyond, rising within the centre of the soul. It becomes the gravity in the changeable seasons of the heart, on a passage of growth. All mystical and spiritual journeys begin with one desire; intimacy with the source of all. In every step of the way, we write a story, by our feelings, thoughts and actions.

From nowhere comes the fire and heat of a passion to be touched by the Beloved. In this homecoming of feelings, truth cuts through like an arrow, into the magic and mystery of the human heart. To know what Truth is, we have no other choice but to accept this vulnerable skin, it's fragility and feelings of fears, doubt and inferiority in front of the power of creation. This is the opening to meet the depth of suffering and pain, the glory and beauty of life, to bleed and shed until nothing is left but Truth.

Poetry is a flow of love from human wounds and human joys, revealing hidden wells and gems of creative force; inviting us to sharpen the edge of our humanity and so crystallize the complete Self. Each soul is a perfect expression of this inner alchemy and love affair with the Beloved. The fever in the flesh and the fire in our soul brings our hearts into a majestic dance of silence, intimacy and creating. We are story tellers from the beyond, and earth is a passage to walk through time and space. Make love and be the songs of the Beloved, here & now.

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This website is invitation, an open door, for you to enter the stream of your Life, Love and deepest Truth ~ of being born to what you Truly Are, with Dialogue, silence, and acceptance.

Work with Serena unleashes, awakes  and stimulates the Truth, the nature of REALITY.

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The beloved of my heart

my soul, my one true song;

the unbearable love with all the sweet names

and ache that breaks all bones

all through the white days

and all through the dark nights

captive beneath the blue sea

seduced and aroused by affection of his eyes.

Oh forbidden fruit

has fallen between my palms,

" eat me and enjoy the thirst

that comes with each bite; for more,

the fruit of love

the dream of stone, sky, ocean and standing trees,

rise with white air above the majestic mountains

" YOU", the passion of my soul;

settle in the heart of everything,

in the glow of your silence,

Earth grows and love birds travel in trance;

into the unknown tomorrow;

eat my fruit and vanish in joy of glory;

you are the presence within presence,

my soul, the Beloved is what you are.

~Serena Devi, May 2013

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