Sedona 2


Light can be anywhere in no time, does not need resting and integration, human body does!

This journey has been my deepest calling to be bare and walk the truth of Union with the source and I have tried to always NoT to ask for financial support, shelter or food as my personality saw that ultimate of vulnerability and also due to fear.
To manifest as One, we need to feel and speak as One. We all know many of us are in relocation phase and even at soul level travel, sleep, food and the next is not important, our body and vehicle needs rest, sleep and food.
This Pilgrimage was and is not Vacation, over the years the surrendering and acceptance trained and still educating our humans to be soft, flexible, detach to outcome and follow the trail step by step, as heart guides.
I need to ask for your support as One, as I have no other alternative to support this relocation and travel, this is a 10 years full faith, trust abd let go. In 2008 my heart was pierced and activated by Divine's thunderbolt. I became carrier of Flames, Blue prints and visions. I have to return to USA, to ground the template of this majestic work for all of us, here and beyond the earth.
I Am responsible to do this and be the presence at the same time. Support my body and vehicle with all the downloads and energy upgrades while traveling with no money needs a miracle, we are Miracle workers of One. So step by step, as I share here, I also ask for your assistance to support my vehicle to walk this and if you hear the truth, then your heart feels and knows the Pilgrimage of heart is the path of Christ and prophecy and many lightworkers are assigned to walk the path, bare, with no belonging and only voicing the truth.

Update on travel: so far only booked the ferry ride to Seattle for Tuesday afternoon, nowhere to land yet!
in flow of abundance, love and peace, we walk as One to serve the creator of All.


Seraphim, I AM.