Sedona 3


Hello beautiful souls,
I arrived Seattle last night around 9.00pm by ferry from Victoria. So many amazing sisters supported this movement of Unity, becoming more and more One Love across Gaia. I am humbled and without words, the last 74 hours, lovers completely wrapped around this vessel and moved her across ocean, my heart aches in songs of gratitude, and surrendering in all Divine Love bringing into experience of purity and oneness.
My Blue Ray sister, Sonya has been standing beside me over months and only with her assistance and endless effort I managed to had a bed last night in a hostel.
My divine sister Sherry whom we have not even met, made this journey possible by welcoming me in her home and send me gifts of abundance to arrange my travel to USA and what can I say about Carolyn, who only met me for half an hour, and opened her heart and home and gave me a key to enjoy her secret garden and sanctuary for few weeks and even after when I had no idea how the next phase shapes, she kept me and treated like a true soul sister, sharing the sun and food, laughing and listening to each other hearts, holding hands and knowing what true love is. My other sisters MariaGaia SophiaRamona who are holding the vision and my being (I Am) in their pure hearts and as each walking their sacred path into unknown, somehow we are coming closer and closer to be more than grid workers, earth guardians, we are the embodiment of Christ, walking barefoot, following divine calling whenever it came through our hearts, we choose faith and join the flow, carried across the earth to serve humanity, Gaia and galaxies.
I am honored, humbled and in awe of this mystery that is here, in Now. The one breath speaks and we gaze into all possibilities as we stand every moment at zero point.
Thank you all for your bravery, unconditional love, support, holding and accepting no question asked, sharing your life and stories and gave me the space to share mine and also know we are beyond our human stories and it is the time, to celebrate and be pure joy, in our silence we witness the Majestic Presence of Almighty One, Truth of All.

I leave Seattle on bus to Phoenix this afternoon and staying few nights at Sherry's home and again we shall see the unfolding of Pilgrimage of heart to Sedona and holy work that binds us together so magically.

Your gifts of love and abundance are welcomed as this cup gets full and empty and step by step emptier to voice, create and manifest the vision of Unity.