USA Orange County

Beloved friends,
It is about a week that I left Arizona and staying with a Soul Sister in California, close to Palm spring. For sometime I was shown Los Angeles as the HQ of Seraphim Earth Unity Foundation and feels September will be the time, this vessel will be grounded there.
It is time to tune in to be fully one with Breath of One and trust where ever we are is perfect and embrace the knowing and its unknowing at the same time.
The energy works magical when we stay in Present. New Earth is vibrational and also dimensional, only accessible with silent mind and Open Heart, let streams of life dissolves all your borders and stay neutral in face of the world ( Mirrors). Honoring where you are, assists to embrace who you are.
In flow whatever you require will come, healing, union, power, vision, voice, peace and action, all are in activation mode. Surrendering and silence are keys to Manifestation. 
I feel this will be my last personal post here for sometime, until the next appears. 
I have been walking barefeet for over a year now across the Earth, saying "YES" to my heart and Divine guidance. I slept in streets, airport, strangers home, new soul families and asking for assistance and also accepting generosity and abundance of Others, was the hardest part of my inner marriage, I am very grateful for all people who in their alignment with Divine Love, connected to my heart and this pathless path of devotion, without this unity, the body would have not survived. 
Where I go from my current sanctuary is unknown, I believe silence is the greatest creator of all and so far with all challenges and discomfort for mind and old programs individual and collective, we have arrived to most fertile Time on Earth, and our Lives, to be, And let Divine Will works through us. Majestic Presence of ONE.
If you are in LA and wish to connect, please do.
I am embraced by love, compassion and care of my Light tribes, your supports are welcomed and cherished as abundance of Heaven, Sky, Earth and Sun. 
My mission is to design and connect all elements of New Earth Template, to reinvent our Human Civilization in a more authentic and simpler way.
Thank you. 
I will continue my posts on New Earth and civilization on fb page and