USA Los Angeles

he pull from the Source is moving us forward toward authenticity and transparency living. The zero point is where Self is in complete surrendering to what it is.
Unlike many these words are not words, I Am standing in face of such an unknown, my life is bare, my flesh is tired, my heart so open that I can put the Pacific Ocean/ universe inside. My mind is blank and only can Be The Source, to create and attract all that is required for Light body.
The frequency of purity and Light body has to merge and then all manifestation follow from this alignment.
I need a long term place to stay and do my divine work in California,North LA up to Mt Shasta seems the location, and my body is at the end of physical movements. A friend after heard all human, soul journey I have experienced asked me why it has to be so hard? 
I answered I really do not know, My mind does not question Love and passion of heart, but I won't be truthful if I say, my body no longer can take, all energy and waves updates, move across the globe, sleep every few nights a new place and still be able to keep a full time connection with Spirit, vision and do my divine task.
Resting in deeper gratitude and allow miracles to wrap my vehicle and carry her in ease and grace to a serene and beautiful surrendering for a new beginning and full embodiment of Light with the body, so service to all take place, including myself.

Love and blessings