Serena is a British artist, poet and creative alchemist. Her early childhood spent in isolation, writing and art became her sanctuary, and dance was a foreplay to give wings to her unspoken emotions. She always felt unfit to Iran society and her own family. The aloneness continued along with depressed  parents, and developed into a quest for life meaning, which ultimately led her to explore the wildernesses of her dreams away from restriction and social normal structure. 

Flow of writing and dance were natural and began in childhood. Later on she was drawn to art and studied textile design.  She took  many jobs to survive and most of them were against her self values and nature.

Her first work was in a IT warehouse, later on she worked in public sector and hospitality. She started as  a guest relation in  a five star boutique hotel, in London Mayfair, and walked up on the ladder of success to a  Executive Assistant for a blue chip Consultancy in the heart of  London  and Corporate world.  In addition and between building a career and staying faithful to her heart,  she studied Life Coaching and Art therapy. For years behind close doors she struggled to survive her unhappiness, addictions and debt, not knowing how to change her life and connect to her authentic self. 

In 2008, she finally surrendered to the inner change which was rooted within her, to break out and at the same time destroys whatever at the time were meant her security and safety. In a period of 6 months, she got bankrupt, redundant and homeless and lost most of friend/relationships. Soul alchemy is a burning process and her inner split let her no other choice to embrace this emotional urgency and movement into inner unknown landscapes of self.

Over period of 9 years, she traveled internationally in her quest of finding herself, studied shamanism, Sufism, spent months in various spiritual centres,  silent retreats  around the world to learn how to live with herself and be at peace and free. Over time, she changed and the otter shell of her  life also transformed completely. 

She gradually rebuilt her career as an artist and Poet. Published her first poetry book, Eternal Love in Feb 2013 and a new vibration and theme began in her paintings. During this time, her path introduced her to key people who collaborated as an active catalyze in her mystical experiences and spiritual transformation and education. New dimensions appeared and took her beyond mind. Creativity and intuition became the only light along her path into the mystic’s land of silence and presence. 

Over the years she spent months in complete  solitude and in a creative womb, to understand and give voice to her inner existence, to bring and merge mind and heart through creative process and be expressed fully.  Her offering comes from this burn and  fire of alchemy, a place that only seeker of truth can begin and also witness the end of ego and mind.

She is passionate about living creative and transparent and be a medium and catalyze to others. To inspire and assist them, to  re-connect with their creative gifts and abilities, feel healing and inner power and experience life in new perspective with  a fresh sense of present.

Her heart is committed to Creative Alchemy process , in mirroring and offering safe space for seekers and people whom wish to  rediscover their sense of play, adventure and purpose in life.


Spontaneous creativity in any form and way has a magical power to bring songs of spirit into earth and manifestation,  It inspires and activates the true self empowerment and shapes discoveries beyond mind understanding, and yet nourish and accelerate humanity in full potential of life's flow, in totality and oneness. 

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