Serena Devi is woman of courage, truth and inspiration. She lives in unknown, embrace truth and journey Love through Heart Wisdom.  Her life is wild, magical and spontaneous, she weaves beauty and mystery through words and movement. Her presence is a joy of silent worship, of totality in full transparency and naked voice, bare skin, inclusively emerging into moments of bliss. The most intimate desire of humanity is to return to the river of love and the ultimate devotion to the source is allowing this transformation to fluently and lightly take place.

Love is the fragrance of truth.


Serena was born in 1965 in Manchester/England and raised in conventional Persian family in Tehran, until 1994 when she returned to west.

Her first encounter with Divine took place in early childhood and the experience was intense and stayed unrecognized until later years. Serena spent most of her time alone and in isolation, writing and communicating with God. Gradually art and poetry became her sanctuary, and dance was a foreplay to give wings to her unspoken blocked emotions. She always felt unfit to Iran society and her family.


Later years, as an adult  she was drawn to art and studied textile design.  She took  many jobs to survive and most of them were against her self values and nature. In mid- twenties she moved to USA and later back to England, still leading a double life, one feet in the world of matter, make a living and the other feet, hidden behind closed doors in suffering of separation, seeking   intimacy  with God and mystical world. Along the way she tapped into self-development courses, life coaching, art therapy, attended retreats of masters and spiritual teachers. The heart was burning and no water could calm the soul's inferno.  Following Masters was another layer of avoidance and not meeting herself fully, in 2008, she finally surrendered to her Divine destiny.


The inner changes came and surfaced as a tornado, broke down and destroyed whatever at the time were meant her security and safety. In a period of 6 months, she got bankrupt, redundant and homeless. Loss of her earthy possessions, human relations were beyond her mind and logical understanding. She left the normal/mental world and  completely entered into mystical world of heart and divine calling.

The coming 5 -6 years, her endlessly expanding and ascending consciousness kept her in daily flow of trance, bodily burning and physical pain, rewiring and re-structuring her blue print and Soul DNA. There were periods bodily movement was impossible. Solitude,  meditation and silence became gateway and passage  to inner landscapes, meeting void and illusion of  duality. Gradually, something new began to merge.  The sharp experiential reality as Universal Consciousness, and knowing Self as Love, as Breath of Divine. A new space, receptive, vast and mysterious,non judgmental,  inviting her soul more and more into light and transparency of present.


Over the following years her soul dance continued between solitude, creativity and effortless movement in the world.  The path of Truth has no map and nothing is promised, along the way, fragrance of love leads the blinded lovers, into beauty of the unseen and from there all questions are answered, all desires are fulfilled.  Serena is  passionate about living creative and transparent and offer the vastness of her heart through embodiment of silence, spontaneous flow of consciousness and channel divine creation force into poetry, movement, art  and raw beauty of moments. She recently opened up to a new way of divine’s love flowing through her, the work is presently unfolding in her intimate dance and words in form of dialogue, performance and silence.


Her heart is committed to Divine beauty and wisdom, in mirroring and offering safe space for Truth seekers and people whom wish to  rediscover their sense of play, adventure and purpose in life.