"I wrote my first poem at age of 7. My heart was full of questions and wonders and I spent most of my times, reading books, speak to imaginary friends and plan an adventurous travel to see the world. The world of poets could be lonely, with many sleepless nights and walk in nature, coffee shops and bookstores. Most of my early poetry was dark and covered with sadness and nostalgia,  was sensitive to my surrendering and words were always comforting and helped to express my pain and confusion. 

 At later stage of life, seeking Truth and God became the main focus of my writing. It is and it was a true creative gift, effortless and even without a purpose, words became silent companions, sharing space and reflecting my emotions, poetry saved me. After I moved to USA in 1994, I completely stopped writing, and it took about 20 years walking in the darkness and shadow to finally turn back to what I truly belonged, my creative heart.


In 2008, after cycle of events and deep loss I left England and  began travelling, staying in different countries, aimless, hopeless and split inside. After a brief encounter in San Francisco in 2008, my poetic veins began feeling the blood of words, flowing and finding my  heart again. Over the period of 2 years, I  wrote over 500 poems and poetry still pouring. Writing keeps shifting and evolving, it is the most intimate way as one could be with herself and also share her true being with universe.

I am grateful for having such a gift and ability to not just express myself but also be in service of beauty, love and creation."

 Serena Devi

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Silence, our home (Mon, 18 Sep 2017)
​Silence is your home. Slowing down into space, stopping in here. Love, light, joy, contentment, peace, passion all are different faces of silence in you. Ease in now, activity might rise, might not. Life is a natural flow, some moments... Continue Reading →
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Making love (Sun, 17 Sep 2017)
​The root of beauty has pierced my soul, And the marvel of passion has carved thousands lines on palms of my heart. Ending is close, the wounds are bare and my soul is fertile. Inside me, borders are disappearing in... Continue Reading →
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Eternal love is a beautiful collection of poems in the genre of Hafiz and Rumi. Within these pages are Serena Devi's sonnets of ecstatic l love, wisdom, mysticism and rapture. These deeply passionate lines written from the poet's heart and soul; Eternal Love poetry moves the readerthrough Serena Devi's spiritual experience of growing into the reflection of the divine source of love within her soul to find connection and completion.

~ Daniel Raphael, Author of Sacred Relationships


This awesome book I recommend strongly to acquire, but I also advise: buy one extra to give it away as a jewel present to friends with a keen interest in honest, deeply felt, pure love emotion coming straight from the heart. I keep the book close to my pillow: reading a few verses before going to sleep provides one with fresh dreaming stuff… I sincerely hope Serena will surprise us soon with an as treasured companion volume! 

~ Niek Tetteroo ( A Reader)

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