Poetry Concert - Canada & USA

Mystic Poetry Concert and dance _ 2018 

The Garden of Souls




A poetry Concert, reading and performance.  Join us for a mesmerizing evening; a trans-formative convergence of spontaneous music and poetry. Poems, prayers, and music can speak the mystery, the silence, the ineffable joys and aches of the inner life.Passionate alchemy of love, fire and transformation of soul, reborn of the inner beauty and power. Poetry is the language of the soul, a dance between silence and words. It comes from beyond the mind, touching your body and your feelings and the very cell of your being and awareness. It takes you to a journey within undiscovered parts of heart and emotions where hidden mystery of love and connection to beauty resides within human soul.


Serena Devi is a mystical and creative alchemist, her performance is an invite to rediscover what mystics, poets and shamans have known for centuries: when rhythm of music entwined with poetry, magic of soul power moves, as body opens and bursts out into dance of beauty, light and dark,in and out, that brings out the un-sayable "Ahhh!" of pure wonder of being, moment by moment.Poetry reading of Rumi, Hafez and Serena Devi...