Seraphim Project

The House of Seraphim is a project which has merged through years of Serena Devi’s soul journey, facing inner and outer challenges, loss, transformation and solitude  to find a meaningful life. Unless you walk a mystic path, it is impossible to understand the depth of alone-ness that one could travel to discover and unveil her/his inner treasures. They were a time, she wished and prayed to be part of a community and group of people who experiencing spiritual path and could offer a safe, peaceful and educating space which assist her spiritual  grow and also give her the opportunity to participate in their vision which is free of political, religious and traditional  outlook and structure.

It is her burning desire to be in service of divine and in fulfilling her role and soul journey, she has founded Seraphim Art of Being as a part of a greater vision to create and offer a place of love and acceptance, a home for all seekers and lovers of truth, in one community across globe, learning, sharing, education, enjoying and above all, living effortless and peaceful beside one another. The house of Seraphim is a project which brings humanity to their true divine essence.

Seraphim energy is an alchemical and renewal energy which currently downloading and activated on earth, by individuals awakening to their divine destiny and soul purpose, in highly intense and focused collaboration of the collective consciousness across global. In the coming 50 years will be completely rooted in physical dimension and will transform not humanity but also nature and other forms of life.


 Join us in any form you can, if you would like to get involve or know more, please email us or use the contact form.


May we all rise to our divinity and accept our calling and destiny.





Please view our powerpoint presentation, we value your input in any form that it comes. If you feel the connection and calling, we appreciate your gift of donation.