Eternal love is a beautiful collection of poems in the genre of Hafiz and Rumi. Within these pages are Serena Devi's sonnets of ecstatic l love, wisdom, mysticism and rapture. These deeply passionate lines written from the poet's heart and s ... (Read More)
Poetry Concert - Canada & USA
Mystic Poetry Concert and dance _ 2018  The Garden of Souls   DATE and Venue WILL BE CONFIRMED       A poetry Concert, reading and performance.  ... (Read More)
Brush up yourself - E-course
PLEASE READ THIS NOTE: This course used to be designed as a five weeks module, accompanied by Skype Consultation session (45 min) and couple of meditation sessions.  Over the last few years, my life and work has changed and transformed to ... (Read More)
£150.00 £22.00
Meeting in Silence - 1-2-1 Session
The session normally takes place face to face or over the phone/Skype.   Our consultation honors your path; it will be a flow of dialogue and silence. Aim is to hear and feel your inner self, it is a self inquiry, reflection and sp ... (Read More)
Akashic Art Mandala +Energy Healing Transmission
After obtaining your permission, Serena tune in energetically to your higher self frequency where your Akashic Records are kept and stored.  Then  intuitively write your story board and create your mixed-media mandala accordingly. Which will ... (Read More)