Meeting in Silence - 1-2-1 Session

The session normally takes place face to face or over the phone/Skype.


Our consultation honors your path; it will be a flow of dialogue and silence. Aim is to hear and feel your inner self, it is a self inquiry, reflection and space. It is meeting heart and listening to her wisdom. Even our session takes place within an hour, the purpose is to create and develop an intimate relation with Authentic Self.


Having a journal to write and keep a record of your journey, sessions, and dreams.  

 Duration- 50-60 Minutes


**Please note 24hrs written cancellation policy will apply to single session and all packages.**


Story Board /Soul Journey Consultation

Story Board/ Soul Journey Consultation is a deep transformative and alchemical work. It mirrors the shadow side and breaks limits and change beliefs, it connects with the source of your Inner world and your heart values, reveals the blue print of your soul and life journey. It is combination of intuitive dialogue,  Akashic soul records and Oracle Reading.

It uncovers the root of deep wounds and blocks that hold you back and energetically shift you to a higher vibration of soul that brings healing and empowers you to manifest your true soul destiny and heart desires. It brings out new aspects of self into surface, new abilities and talents appear. It guides you to receive insights and solutions for your current reality and circumstances.

 This process has nothing to do with fortune telling, and everything to do with assisting you to turn your awareness toward your own inner wisdom.

Story board  is a strong tool for anyone who wishes to have clarity in life journey, soul blue print and re- connect with inner world and be healed and empowered to follow their creativity, talents and heart desires, fearless and grounded  to take  bold and spontaneous actions.

The session can take place face to face or via skype. 

Duration: 90  Minutes


It includes an mp3 recoding from the session which will be emailed shortly after.

**Please note 24hrs written cancellation policy will apply to single session and all packages.**