E-course Brush Up your Soul - online course

This course broadens your knowledge and understanding of Self (soul), interconnection of thoughts, emotions, and attitudes within your daily life, it brings out the hidden gifts and potentials to surface, it improves the way you manage yourself and the way you relate to others.


You learn how to balance inner world and outer world, combine them through creative activities align with soul  guidance and transform your life  into a more peaceful and happy place. You learn how to direct its energy to create desirable experiences and results.


We discuss the essential aspects of self mastery in relation with controlling your emotions and exploring the roots of your set backs and challenges to live from your authentic self. You identify your strengths, talents and how to use creativity and meditation  on daily basis to have a assertive and direct communication with yourself.

We practice a range of techniques and strategies to help you become more in control of your life experiences and find balance, harmony and peace. It is suitable for everyone.

This is an e-course  and  after registration every week, you will receive each related  lesson & materials by email.  


  • Please have a A4 pad- journal prepared for art works,  and keep a record of your progress and alchemy exercises.  

Please note: all online courses & workshops are non-refundable after the booking has been made. 


Private Session

Serena meets you where ever you are in your personal journey. She sits with you in stillness and provide a comfortable and nourishing space for this inner work and self inquiry.  You speak and she listens and reflects through open questions. Serena is a qualified coach and Silva method & Reiki practitioner, however her work directly comes from her heart and wisdom of life within soul. 

She has spent her most of her adult life so far exploring, experimenting, inquiring,  crafting  her expressions of life through creativity, art, word, dance and heart initiation. 


Session is for 50  minutes and can take place via zoom or skype. 


24 hours cancellation policy applies. 


Akashic Soul Consultation

An Akashic Soul consultation is an opportunity to ask questions and guidance of higher frequency Masters and Guides to gain greater clarity around your soul's purpose, how to heal deep wounds and bring out the hidden gifts and talents, and transform and integrate relationships to a more nourishing and loving ones. To accelerate your life  journey into a delightful self discovery and rapid evolution of joy and understanding of who you really are. This 60-70  minute session  will be conducted via  Skype or Zoom and while I am travelling there is a possibility of face to face if we are close by. I will provide you with an MP3 file of the reading within 24 hours after our session.  

Duration: 60 - 70 minutes 

24 hours cancellation policy applies. 


Story Board/Life Journey Consultation

Story Board/  Life Journey Consultation is a deep transformative and alchemy work. It mirrors the shadow side and breaks limits and change beliefs, it connects with the source of your Inner world and your heart values, reveals the blue print of your soul and its journey here and beyond. It is combination of intuitive dialogue, Akashic soul records and mentoring.

It uncovers the root of deep wounds and blocks that hold you back and energetically shift you to a higher vibration of soul that brings healing and empowers you to manifest your true soul destiny and heart desires. It brings out new aspects of self into surface, new abilities and talents appear. It guides you to receive insights and solutions for your current reality and circumstances.

In process, we use oracle cards, dream waking and story board technique.

 This process has nothing to do with fortune telling and reading future, and everything to do with assisting you to turn your awareness toward your own inner wisdom and the choices you make daily.

Story board  is a strong tool for anyone who wishes to have clarity in life journey, access soul blue print and re- connect with inner world and be healed and empowered to follow their creativity, talents and heart desires, fearless and grounded  to take  bold and spontaneous actions.

The session can take place on zoom or via skype. Session usually will be 90 minutes.


It includes an mp3 recording from the session which will be emailed shortly after.

To confirm your reading appointment please email us


**Please note 24hrs written cancellation policy will apply to single session and all packages.** 


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